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    Action Status
    Prayer Ongoing
    Members from approximately 20 churches meetOngoing
    A Not for Profit Corporation is Formed and Approved by StateCompleted
    Bylaws for the "Duffield Inc." are approvedCompleted
    Trustees are Elected Completed
    Business Plan is WrittenDone and Ongoing
    Bank Account is OpenedCompleted
    Web Site is LaunchedCompleted
    Logo is PreparedCompleted
    Purchase Camp from PresbyteryCompleted
    Identify Additional Churches Interested in this MinistryOngoing
    Raise the funds needed for the purchaseCompleted
    Raise the funds needed for camp operationOngoing
    Develop a Comprehensive Marketing and Fund Raising PlanOngoing
    Develop a List of Past and Future UsersCompleted
    Booking Christian Retreats and CampsOngoing
    Fix up the CampCompleted
    Design and Build the New Building by the CabinsOngoing
    Give Glory to GodIn All Things

    Duffield Camp and Retreat Center
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